My Story


People are asking me: “How in the world did you get started in a business like this?

I do not want to say “by accident” but it was a little that way”


November 2011.......travelled for the first time to Marrakesh.  I went to visit Lola, the mum of my best friend Marc. Lola left Barcelona, the city where I also come from, many years ago to settle in Marrakesh. During my stay she showed me the fascinating old medina, the souks, markets........ On this trip Lola introduced me to Jahlan, an Arabian artisan, it was a pleasure to get to know him. He invited us to have tea with him in his atelier and he showed me his own handcrafted leather bags. I was impressed by both the design and the quality and of course bought one of them. Before I left his place he asked if he could take my measurements and size, I accepted but didn't know for what. He then wanted my address in Germany and explained that he would  like  to make a gift to me  for being nice to him and accepting his invitation. Weeks later, a parcel arrived from Morocco, it was from Jahlan. It contained the most unbelievably beautiful and feminine tunic that he had made for me. My first thought on seeing the tunic was that one day at the right time  would like to work together with him and to show people his enormous talent for design. Three years later I returned to Morocco and visited him. The time had arrived, and I made the decision to embark on a co project together with him. Incidentally, in my early 20's I was supposed to study art & design, but my father forced me to study business management at university instead. Now, in my 40's, I have the opportunity to do what I had missed for so many years. I love artisanal hand made creations and like to mix influences, that's because travelling is a part of my life. I think that being a nomad is a cool way of looking at life.


I wish to thank Lola and Marc for giving me, from the beginning, the support, strength and confidence to make it happen.


By Eva Pi

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